Château Lafleur | Guinaudeau Vineyards

Château Lafleur | Guinaudeau Vineyards

Also known as the Société Civile du Chateau Lafleur, the wine from these are unparalleled and have a finesse to them that has been carried through the prestigious name of Guinaudeau for generations. 

Jacques & Sylvie Guinaudeau are unparalleled winemakers, and have been continuing the family tradition of creating top quality wines in the Pomerol sub-region. Château Lafleur has remained in the family since the purchase by Jacques great great grandfather Henri Greloud in 1872 of 4.5 hectares at the hamlet of Lafleur on Pomerol’s plateau. Henri rebuilt the house and cellars and baptised his new home and venture Château Lafleur. A brilliant, prophetic-like idea, Henri had doubtlessly imagined the wines that would emerge here one day.

Every single "Cru" produced by the Guinaudeau family originates from exceptional massale selections of Bouchet (Cabernet Franc), Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc (from Sancerre), and Semillon. The very old vines, coupled with chirurgical viticulture, are producing some of the most sought after wines on the planet. From Grand Village, to Champs Libres, Perrières, Pensées and Lafleur, each of these six wines carries an extraordinary pedigree from an immaculate terroir.

“Above all we are vignerons, present throughout the year in our vineyards and cellars, our goal is to understand and work with nature and climate as best as we can. Château Lafleur, based on the three pillars mentioned above, is a rare wine, bringing together in harmony both power and finesse.” - Jacques Guinaudeau

The Vineyards of Lafleur


Founded in 1650 by Jacques Verdery, one of Jacques’ direct ancestors, Château Grand Village is the birthplace of this family of vignerons. Château Grand Village is a harmonious and rich wine, centred around a precise tannic spine. Harvested on the clay-limestone soils of Grand Village, this wine became the “Grand Village of Lafleur”. Manual harvest is performed with double sorting at the vineyard and a third sorting in the cellar. 


Founded in 1990 by Sylvie and Jacques Guinaudeau, the white wine of Grand Village originates from clay-rich soils situated on top of the limestone mother rock. This is a wine of great complexity and an exceptional personality. They replanted a number of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon parcels in the early 1990s. Manual harvest performed with double sorting at the vineyard. 


Founded in 2018 by Julie and Baptiste Guinaudeau, Les Perrières is a novel interpretation of the unique Bouchet de Lafleur, translated through the great limestone terroir of the Fronsac region. Les Perrières derives from four adjacent parcels on the plateau of Meyney. Manual harvest is performed with double sorting at the vineyard and a third sorting at the cellar. 


Founded in 1987 by Sylvie and Jacques Guinaudeau, Les Pensées is situated among the greatest wines of the plateau of Pomerol. It is produced on a distinctive terroir among the different soils that compose Lafleur’s vineyard. Situated along an east-west diagonal, Les Pensées covers bits and pieces of the historically defined parcels of our vineyard. Manual harvest is done with double sorting at the vineyard, then double sorting at the cellar. 


Founded in 2013 by Julie and Baptiste Guinaudeau, Les Champs Libres is a reflection of the Lafleur philosophy through a white wine. Les Champs Libres originates from the clay-limestone soils on the plateau of Louima, a great match with the genetics of Sauvignon Blanc. Manual harvest is performed with double sorting at the vineyard. 


Château Lafleur is a smaller house between estates Petrus and La Fleur-Petrus that utilises its unique terroir to create elegance, femininity, and subtlety within their wines.

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