How to Serve a Glass of Champagne

Alex Rougeot pouring Champagne into two wine glasses.

A guide to ensure no Champagne will be wasted!

Opening the Bottle:

  1. Tilt the bottle slightly away from yourself, then untwist the metal loop to loosen the wire cage.
  2. Remove the wire cage and foil wrapping, keeping a firm grip on the cork
  3. Holding the cork firmly, gently rotate the bottle (NOT the cork) with your other hand so the cork comes sliding – not popping – out.

Pouring the wine:

  • Do not hold by the neck of the bottle, hold by it's base.
  • Pour slow and steady, based on the show of bubbles pour in steps to allow the wine to settle.
  • Only fill to two thirds of the glass to allow the aroma experience to be enhanced.
  • Don't drink straight away, allow for the wine to open before tasting.
Alex pouring Champagne into glass for guest

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