Orange Wines | What are they?

Maison Advinam Orange wine, Anne Buiatti crushing grapes by foot

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What is orange wine and why doesn’t it taste like oranges?

By now, you may have seen a few bottles appearing on the liquor store shelves or on the wine lists of your favourite restaurants. They are constantly growing in popularity, providing that bridge between white wines and red. This sounds very similar to rose wines, so why do we need to be bringing in orange wines? As rose wines are for red grapes, orange wines are for white grapes. 

The general process for white wine fermentation is to remove stems, seeds, and stalks and allow the skin to sit in the fermentation for a very minimal amount of time. The process for orange wine is to ensure extended skin contact and allow the grape juices to ferment and relax among the skin, seeds, and stems. This produces not only a stronger colour but a stronger flavour profile. The longer the contact, the darker the colour and stronger the flavours.

This is almost the reverse process for rose wines as red wine grapes are often macerated for an extended period of time to produce a bold red colour and strong, deep flavours. Therefore, the rose wine process is to macerate for less than conventional lengths of time, reducing the colour and flavour to keep it light and easy to drink. So for those on the fence for red and white wines, trying a rose or orange wine is the best option to get the best of both worlds and a light mix of flavours.

I’ve got the bottle but how do I drink it?

Being an in between wine with a unique texture it can be served as an aperitif or with common white wine dishes. We recommend alongside a nicely roasted chicken, or a form of seafood, sushi, or sashimi. Go for the bold flavours too that could overpower a white wine but perfect accompaniment to orange wine. Also if your stuck for conversation topics at any event, as soon as you bring out your delicious bottle of orange it will spur some interesting discussions and you will be the professional your friends will want to be sitting next to.

When ready to serve it up, keep it at around 12 degrees, and decant for 20-30 minutes if in its youth. The decanting will allow the flavours to fully develop and encourage a more palatable sip.

Orange wine producers are challenging the conventional processes and bringing new expectations to the world of wine. Clos Cachet stocks one of these amazing new wines by Maison Advinam in Bordeaux.

Orange wine in glass on balcony in sunset

About Alumee Orange VDP by Maison Advinam

Maison Advinam is located in Saint-Morillon, in the Graves region of Bordeaux. The wines are produced in Gironde and Roussillon by Anne Buiatti, in the philosophy of natural wines. The Maison is fully certified biodynamic and organically farmed. Overall there are zero additives and no sulphur and what really sets Advinam apart is that there is no electricity being used in the winery. 

VinificationThe Allumee Orange is a non-vintage orange wine with six months maceration of destemmed Sauvignon blanc and Sémillon from Périgord. Only native yeasts are used, followed by three months aging in 300L barrels and 750L amphorae after pressing and blending. The work in the cellar is entirely manual and natural with destemming and sorting of the grapes in a wicker basket, and crushing by hand and by foot. No filtration.

Tasting Notes: The nose is very fresh and vibrant with notes of citrus, orange peel, white flowers, acacia, hints of fresh honey and sap. The palate is dynamic, light bodied, with fresh fruits, and a refreshing, balanced finish. The fruit sweetness is balanced out by dry extracts, and a light bitterness, in great harmony. 

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