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Marsanne & Roussanne

Marsanne & Roussanne

38 minutes ago
Often found in blends together, the cousin varieties Marsanne & Roussanne are almost synonymo...
Sémillon | Sweet Product of Botrytis

Sémillon | Sweet Product of Botrytis

May 24 2022

Once a widely spread varietal across the world, the Sémillon grape has been reduced to a unique rarity for the high quality sweet wines of Bordeaux and dry whites of Australia. Primarily known for its richness of flavour upon its interaction with botrytis, Sémillon is the key varietal for the longest-living wines in the world, hailing from Sauternes and Barsac.

Gamay | Banished Grape of Beaujolais

Gamay | Banished Grape of Beaujolais

May 16 2022
Most famous for being the grape behind the light & fruity red wines of Beaujolais, the Gamay varietal has had a tougher history than most grapes. First introduced in the 1300s, it was planted in Southern Burgundy, primarily Beaujolais, and did not receive the same welcome as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay once did. With an attempt to outlaw the grapes altogether, the Dukes of Burgundy banished Gamay to only be grown in the hills north of Lyon where Beaujolais growers defied the banishment laws. 
Aligoté | Third Grape of Burgundy

Aligoté | Third Grape of Burgundy

May 11 2022

Aligoté has been grown in Burgundy since the 17th century, flourishing greatly among its two greater counterparts. Planted in the pockets on which there were no existing plots of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, these less expensive areas (such as plateaus and valleys) became the terroir in which Aligoté thrived. As it bloomed into existence as the third varietal of the region, it was granted its own AOC, Bourgogne Aligoté, in 1937. 

Pinot Noir | Champion of Burgundy

Pinot Noir | Champion of Burgundy

May 3 2022

The history of the name ‘Pinot’ has often been up for debate, some believing it came from the French term pinot meaning pinecone as the small bunches of red grapes are formed in a similar shape to a pinecone. Others suggest it originated from French villages such as Pinos or Pignols, where the grape is said to have been cultivated since the Middle Ages.

Viognier | Back From Near Extinction

Viognier | Back From Near Extinction

April 13 2022
History  In 1781, the Viognier grape varietal was first mentioned by name, coinciding with the Co...
Merlot Grapes on vines

Merlot | The red grape for white wine lovers

April 5 2022
Fast Facts Low in tannins - perfect option for white wine drinkers Second most planted grape var...
Man holding grapes with cutters, chenin blanc grapes

Chenin Blanc | From Dry to Sweet and all in between

March 23 2022
Fast facts Over 50% of Chenin Blanc vines are planted in South Africa Before the 1970s introduce...
Jean-Luc Jamet sampling Syrah, red wine and pouring it into a glass while in the barrel room.

Syrah | Rhone Valley's Champion

March 16 2022
Fast facts Many countries outside of France refer to it is Shiraz Most expensive Syrah comes fro...
Person clipping off Cabernet Franc grapes from the vines in France

Cabernet Franc | Hardy Grape of the Loire Valley

March 3 2022
Fast Facts Primarily found in: Loire Valley (France), Tuscany (Italy), Sierra Foothills (Califor...
Chardonnay grapes close up

Chardonnay | The Versatile White

February 23 2022
Fast Facts Originated in Burgundy, France The 5th most planted grape varietal in the world Not g...

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