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Corked Wine | What it is and How to Recognise it

Corked Wine | What it is and How to Recognise it

May 24 2022

Cork is a unique and natural product derived from specifically grown cork oak trees and therefore there is always the chance that bacteria can carry through. No matter how sanitised the corks are, the pores within the product are susceptible to holding onto tiny bacterias (nothing dangerous in regards to your health). 

Decanting | The Why and How

Decanting | The Why and How

May 3 2022

Originally it was customary to decant wine before service as it was stored in large amphoraes rather than small bottles, making it difficult to serve wine at a table. Therefore with decanting, the wine could be transferred to a smaller jug or pouring vessel to be carried around by the wait staff. Many years have passed since the 17th century yet it is still common practice to decant certain bottles of wine before drinking. No longer due to ease of pouring (as a bottle of wine is quite easily held in hand) but to ensure the wine is at its peak tasting potential for the drinker.

Wine bottles stacked up in underground stone cellar

Storing Wine | Do's and Don'ts

March 23 2022
Temperature One of the most important elements to keeping your wine safe and stored correctly i...
Man opening a wine bottle with cork sealant by using a winged corkscrew and lifting up the levers, pulling the cork out

Wine Tools | Corkscrews

March 16 2022
Who else is so used to having screw caps on their wine that when they suddenly have a cork sealed...
Alex Rougeot pouring Champagne into two wine glasses.

How to Serve a Glass of Champagne

November 23 2021
A guide to ensure no Champagne will be wasted! Opening the Bottle: Tilt the bottle slightly awa...

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