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French Wine Labels Deciphered

French Wine Labels Deciphered

April 27 2022
Many wine regions of the world are driven by grape varietal, and when purchasing a bottle, it is ...
What is the 100 Point Wine Scale?

What is the 100 Point Wine Scale?

April 12 2022
In a nutshell, the 100 point scale, or any of the rating systems, are reviewers’ quantitative com...
Line up of Maison Blanche wines from a variety of vintages

Vintages - Why are they important?

February 2 2022
Derived from vin, the French word for wine Put simply, a vintage is the year in which the grapes ...
Champagne region landscape shot

Appellation Types | appellation d'origine contrôlée

January 25 2022
‘controlled designation of origin’ Primarily used to identify where a wine’s grapes were grown,...
Maison Advinam Orange wine, Anne Buiatti crushing grapes by foot

Orange Wines | What are they?

January 19 2022
Orange wine, Skin-contact white wine, Skin-fermented white wine, Amber wine What is orange wine a...
Burgundy landscape shot

Climats of Burgundy

January 12 2022
“Each Climat is a vine plot, with its own microclimate and specific geological conditions, which ...
Word map of wine terms

Glossary of Wine Terms

December 14 2021
A.O.C An acronym for the 'Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée', the business of classifying wines in ...
Jerome Dehours pouring small amounts of wine into the barrel using a large can and spout

Vinification Explained

November 24 2021
The conversion of the juice of the grapes to wine through the process of fermentation. This is th...
People tending to the vines of a vineyard in France

Organic and Biodynamic | What's the difference?

November 23 2021

How many times have you seen the label "Organic" or Biodynamic" and wondered what the difference is between the two? Broadly speaking, both practices are focused on ensuring that the vines are grown completely free from chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and GMOs.

Man pointing out different kinds of rocks and soils that lady has in her hand in France

Terroir | The 5 Elements of a Great Wine

November 23 2021
At Le Club, all our wines are sources from producers that are mastering these five elements. This...

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