Terroir | The 5 Elements of a Great Wine

Man pointing out different kinds of rocks and soils that lady has in her hand in France
At Le Club, all our wines are sources from producers that are mastering these five elements. This is the definition of a great wine, the definition of Terroir.

The location

The location will impact the way in which people recognise the wine.

The Soil

The age, composition and slope of the soil are the foundations of the vine and the roots. The soil brings nutrients and is the direct environment that surrounds the roots and the vines.

The Climate

The climate is providing the conditions for the vine to grow. Whether it is warm, hot, cold, rainy or windy… it will determine how the vine grows.

The Vines

The vines are the messengers passing on the complexity of a soil to the grapes to make wine. Whether the vines are from a certain clone, are productive, weak or old, from a massale selection or grown in a certain manner, these factors will determine the complexity of the elements in the grapes.

The People

Wine is made by people. The level of dedication, passion, skills, equipment and the goal set to make a specific wine will all determine the level of quality.
Landscape of winery, schist rocks, vines, two men standing at cellar door

This definition has been made by Alexandre Rougeot and is based on his opinion.

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