It is the perfect union of masterful skill and incredible vineyards which has built Domaine Roulot’s cult following among wine connoisseurs worldwide. The 15 hectares of Domaine Roulot are mostly planted with Chardonnay and are located within the famed village of Meursault. When most of Meursault’s producers were making rich and dense whites, vigneron Jean Marc Roulot broke the mould by making pristine white Burgundies. His great flair, passion and dedication have set a new benchmark in the village.

The Roulot family has been in the village since 1798. It was Guy Roulot (1929-1982) and his wife Geneviève who had the vision to make the Domaine what it is today. Now, their children Michèle and Jean-Marc run this six-generation-old Domaine.

In 1989, Jean-Marc Roulot took over the Domaine with the intention of furthering his father’s work and legacy. But he didn’t tread a conventional path to becoming a Burgundian vigneron and Domaine manager. Jean-Marc’s first passion was theatre, and he spent the better part of his teenage years and early twenties training at the Paris conservatory.

Tragically, in 1982, Jean-Marc’s father Guy passed away at a young age. At this time, Jean-Marc was heavily invested in his acting career, infrequently returning to Burgundy to work alongside his family. But in 1989, Jean-Marc discovered his burgeoning passion for the vineyards and decided to fully take over the Domaine.

Vines & Wine

• Organic Viticulture, Certified

• Massale selection, replacing the oldest, dying vines with cuttings from the best performing old vines of the Domaine

• Grapes undergo an exacting selection process under the watchful gaze of Jean-Marc.

• Fermentation is done with natural indigenous yeasts

• Ageing takes place for twelve months in oak barrels before six months in stainless steel tanks

Domaine Roulot Wines

The vineyards owned by Domaine Roulot have changed over the years with an expansion starting in the 50s. Back then; the Domaine didn’t have any premier cru vineyards. In 1982, the Domaine was totalling 14.5 hectares of vineyards. When Jean-Marc took over, he undertook a slow process of qualitative consolidation by selling and buying vineyards to focus the range. During this process he acquired vineyards like Narvaux, Clos des Bouchères, Poruzot Dessous, Clos de la Baronne, Crotot or Gruyaches.

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