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What’s inside my Le Club monthly subscription?

Every month you will receive your delivery from Le Club via Australia Post or one of our preferred couriers. Inside you’ll find your fine wine and extensive tasting notes. You will also receive a link for the month’s tasting video – previews of past tasting videos are available here – so you can sample your wines in sync with Le Club’s resident experts.

What French wines will be in my monthly subscription?

We deliver exclusively Allocation French wines. Therefore all the wines you receive are in more demand than is produced and only a select few traders are supplied with such wines. They are high quality, small-batch, traditionally made French wines. Regions, wine types and grape varieties will vary and are curated by our experts. Your diverse selections may include red, white, rosé and sparkling varieties. 

What French regions do Le Club’s subscriptions include?

Our wines come from all across France and feature Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône, Loire Valley and Champagne. We also endeavour to uncover gems from lesser known locations. Our focus is always on supplying exceptional wine.

Can I choose my wines?

Your Le Club subscription is designed to take you on a journey of wine discovery. Our exceptional team aims to share with you the best that France has to offer, including diverse regions, styles and varieties. This is part of the pleasure of Le Club. We want you to sit back, trust us, and enjoy the ride. We also love to engage and hear what you think. If you have any feedback on the wines we have curated, please let us know here.

I can't drink a certain wine, what can I do?

Sacré bleu. This sounds existential. Drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. Hospitality is the name of our game, and we don't want you missing out.

Are these wines difficult to find anywhere else?

We take great pride in sourcing direct from makers - there are no middle men! All our wines are hard to find, and we have personal relationships with every winemaker we have the pleasure of sharing with you.

I love Le Club’s wines. How do I buy more?

Good to hear! Visit our sister store, Clos Cachet, to fill your château’s cellar.

How do I watch Le Club’s tasting videos?

You will receive a link to each month’s tasting video via email once your order is shipped.

Is Le Club eco-friendly?

Le Club uses eco-friendly packaging produced locally by Melbourne company Inke. We also use a carbon neutral delivery service called Shippit. Le Club is always exploring ways to further mitigate our footprint and preserve our planet for future generations and the climate that makes our spectacular wines possible.

Why is there a delay between signing up and my first delivery?

Le Club is a monthly subscription service. We ship all monthly subscriptions on the same day - the first business day of every month . We do not ship on any other day. There may be a period between your sign-up and first delivery depending on your sign-up date. We know you’re excited, but hang tight, your monthly subscription will be shipped out soon! Specific delivery times are available under Shipping and Delivery.

When will my monthly subscription arrive?

Your pack is shipped on the first business day of every month. Specific delivery times are available under Shipping and Delivery. You can follow your order via the tracking number supplied by our delivery service.

What if I’m not home to receive my delivery?

You will receive a notification on the day of your delivery. A link within this notification will allow you to choose a delivery option that suits you best.

What's the minimum commitment? Why?

Different wines are allocated across the whole year so to receive our full range we ask that you to join us for a year or more.

When will payments be taken out?

Your first month’s subscription fee will be directly debited upon joining Le Club and then on the first business day of every subsequent month of your membership.

What is the cost of shipping?

Le Club subscriptions include free shipping for metropolitan cities of Australia, excluding W.A and Tasmania.

It breaks my heart to ask, but how do I cancel my Le Club subscription?

Our hearts are breaking too. But such is the nature of French love. You can cancel at any time. Cancellations must be made in writing to us here and three weeks before your next delivery. C’est la vie.

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